Conklin Business Opportunity

Conklin for Direct Sales to Consumers

Conklin’s quality product lines can connect you with customers from all walks of life – crop growers, livestock producers, animal enthusiasts, vehicle specialists, health advocates and homemakers. Our products can be marketed through personal one-on-one interaction with customers, over the phone, online and home and trade show demonstrations.

Whether you want a part-time venture for extra spending money or a full-time business of your own, there are unlimited opportunities with our Nutritional Supplement and Cleaners product lines. Conklin’s Nutritional Supplements have no artificial ingredients such as preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners or dyes, and have no ingredients commonly known to cause allergies. Our quality line of cleaners includes many that are concentrated, biodegradable and industrial-strength.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills and looking for an honest business opportunity with a solid history, then Conklin may be right for you. Find out how you can integrate Conklin products into your existing business, or market Conklin products to generate a second income stream.

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